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bullet Pachouli Facial logo main  
A comforting gentle facial treatment for all skin types combining essential oils that softens, moisturises, nourishes and helps to keep skin well hydrated and youthful.
bullet Fruit Punch Facial logo main  
A unique fresh fruit facial designed to breathe new life into the skin to provide instant revitalization. It stimulates blood flow, rehydrates and nourishes the skin.
bullet Pachouli Floral Facial logo main  
It is a blend of jasmine, sage oils, rosemary helping the skin to be full of vitality and radiance which brightens and refreshes the skin.
bullet Luxurious Aromatic Facial logo main  
It is blend of aroma oils which makes skin supple for a longer time. It is a complete facial system for dark & tanned skin.
bullet Pachouli Purity Facial logo main  
An antiseptic acne pimple free facial contains anti bacterial agent like mint and clove to remove excess oil and the same time fights against acne and pimples which helps in reducing redness and flakiness.
bullet Pachouli's Complete Youthful Coco Wine Facial logo main  
Coco wine is rich in anti-oxidant properties. It breaks down free radicals and detoxifies and hydrates skin. This chocolate facial nourishes and invigorates the skin. Suitable for normal dehydrated and mature skin.
bullet Pachouli ’s Firming & Densifying Treatment (Anti- Ageing) logo main
An instant face rejuvenating & firming treatment that helps to prevent sagging & dull skin. The special skin ingredients like pistachio and apple giveshine, vibrant glow and tightening effects to the skin.
bullet Pachouli ’s Brightening Treatment (Whitening) logo main  
This treatment helps preventing your skin tanning & pigmentation cause. It actually regulates pigment production on a cellular level, helping to balance and lighten the complexion.
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