Centre For Wellbeing

Pachouli is there to address each member's health and nutritional needs; With treatments from authentic Ayurveda to international therapeutic massages and get pampered as well as benefit from professional advice from our in-house experts.

Pachouli has a team of Expert Doctors, Therapists, Trichologists, Dermatologists & Physiotherapists providing natural, effective, harmless equipment's and ways to refurbish and maintain health, and even to assist the development towards better consciousness and well-being. Our philosophy is to offer a personalized, flawless and user-friendly Slimming, Skin, Hair, Laser and Ayurveda services, with a guarantee of top quality and standard, so that all our clients and our team benefits and relishes the feeling of being in a place of consciousness, support and security. Pachouli's allusion to healing makes it a perfect symbol of our approach to provide complete cure and total wellness to make a pure you.

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