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bullet icon Slimming
bullet icon SLIMMING
Tired of working day-in and day-out but in vain, dreams of losing weight are getting shattered, crash diets are taking away all the glow; if this is the case with you then stop worrying. At Pachouli, we will help you fulfill your dream with a balanced blend of advanced technologies, diet counseling and lifestyle modification.
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A radio frequency diathermy device, also called as the heat therapy, which melt downs the fat layers and flushes it out through the lymphatic system. In the first session, you will feel a difference of about ½ to 1 inch.
bullet NMS (Neuromuscular Stimulation): logo main  
The basic technique for weight loss and one of the advanced versions of exercises done by electrotherapy. In this exercise, the muscles are made to contract as a form of physical activity. Every session will make you lighter up to ½ kg or more.
bullet Adipo Fit logo main  
This technology works on the principle of cavitation and removes fat with the help of ultrasound waves. These rays break in the fat cells as a result of which the fat is melted and is consequently drained out by the lymphatic system of the body.
bullet Lazer Magic logo main  
This technique helps in weight and inch loss together and gives quick and lasting results; it works on the principle of drainage of fats through the laser probe. The accumulated fat melted through active contraction of muscles is drained out by laser drainage.
bullet Advanced body therapies logo main  
Sagging and dull skin is tightened and toned up with the help of massage techniques like anti-cellulite and udvartanam. Additionally, it breakdowns the body cellulite which enhances the weight losing process making the further process more effective.
bullet Mesotherapy logo main  
In this treatment, microinjections of medicines are induced into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin). This technique is more effective than any other treatment; it breaks the cellulite and drains it out from your body to give you a toned and smooth body.
bullet Derma Roller logo main  
Lipo soluble products are induced into the body to melt the fat cells and drained away from the body.
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