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One of the passive forms of excercise done by Electro-Therapy wherein pads are placed on specific parts of the body and they send 'deep penetrating impulses' into the muscle movements. This activity speeds up the conversion of calories into heat, resulting in the breakdown of fat into energy, reducing fluid retention, detoxifying the body, resulting in measurable inch and weight loss.
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This is again a latest technology to control cellulite which is recognized as a collection of waste material and excess fluids encapsulated as fat in certain parts of the body. Infra - Red Heat has a two- fold effect on body tissue.

1. The heat from the procedure widens the blood vessels by improving blood flow and the oxygen supply to the damaged or cellulite area thereby improving metabolism.

2. There is an improvement in the lymph drainage. This is due to the extra blood supply and where the cellulite is evident, the lymph drainage effect is accelerated and the toxins are thereby flushed from the body lymphatic drainage system.
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