What To Expect At Weight Loss Journey At Pachouli?


With the rise of the Work-from-Home culture, most of us lead sedentary lifestyles and our fitness is suffering. And it is also leading to obesity and weight gain. While people are approaching this in different ways - some through fad diets and some through rigorous workouts - we believe that a balanced outlook tops it all.

Everyone’s body is unique, be it metabolism levels or existing physiological problems. This is why a one-size-fits-all mechanism cannot work to enable weight loss for different individuals.

Moreover, it is a myth that weight loss has to be a taxing journey. We, at Pachouli, offer a holistic approach to weight loss combining traditional practices of Ayurveda with modern technologies. We simplify the process for you while making it enjoyable.

Weight Loss Journey At Pachouli: What To Expect?

As and when you decide to embark on a journey for self-transformation with us, we welcome you with warmth and open arms. After that, we start our journey, which looks something like this:

Understanding Your Body

Our health experts spend quality time understanding your body and its needs. Weight loss is not an overnight process - and we don’t believe in doing things in a hurry. This is why we delve deep into recording your eating habits, sleeping patterns, water intake, and retention.

We also offer a free BCA ( Body Composition Analysis) allowing us to understand your metabolic age, water percentage, fat percentage, and visceral fat.

Hand-Picked Weight Loss Plan

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your body, we start developing a unique weight loss plan - tailored just for you.

In such plans, we devise your diet, your exercises, the treatments you can take. At Pachouli, we offer a wide range of enhanced treatments that accelerate weight loss. Some of these treatments include Calysta laser, cryo cool sculpting, cryo T shock, and anti-cellulite massages. All these treatments are executed by experts and have proven effective in melting stubborn fat, increasing metabolism, and reducing overall body weight.

Weight Management

After you start making progress viz-a-viz weight loss, we start the process of weight management, which is as important as weight loss itself. We borrow effective weight loss management procedures from our Indian culture and incorporate Ayurveda in your plan.

Our Ayurvedic weight management, Udhvardhana, includes a dry massage using detoxifying herbal powders that reduce weight as well as cleanse the body inside out.

All these steps along with a bag full of motivation are what you should expect at your weight loss journey with us. We are always there to guide you through the tough days and embrace your journey together.

Wrapping - Up

Weight loss is a personal journey that can be emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing for us. But the journey can be made a lot easier and hassle-free with the aforementioned steps. The treatments along with a balanced diet and regular exercise can bring about amazing changes to your body - and help you achieve your dream weight!

So, if you are looking to kickstart your amazing weight loss journey - start with us at Pachouli!

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