While some amount of body hair may be preferable in maintaining a masculine image, too much hair can be undesirable, both aesthetically and functionally. Overgrowth on the back and shoulders may come across as unsightly or unkempt. Men with excess or unwanted hair are well aware that shaving, waxing and tweezing can become unduly tedious, offering only temporary relief. Laser hair reduction is the most convenient way to permanently reduce unwanted body hair with proven long-term results.

Clinic Dermatech offers a range of the world’s most advanced lasers and the team is equipped with more than 13 years of experience working with all skin types to permanently reduce your unwanted back hair safely, comfortably and effectively. Your laser hair removal plan will be customized on the basis of hair density. coarseness and growth cycle for best possible results.


Tone & Tighten is a non-invasive body scullpting technique that offers a safe and pain-free alternative to surgical body shaping procedures. Tone & Tighten uses Bipolar RF and Galvanic technologies that stimulate lymphatic drainage and enhance the flow of blood in and out of blood vessels to give you inch-loss and skin tightening . it utilizes the principle of ultrasonic cavitation to target the appearance of cellulite for firmer. smoother looking skin.


CD iLipo is the latest advancement in non-invasive laser lipolyisis that enables you to start your inch-loss journey from the 1st session itself! It offers almost immediate fat reduction and a slimmer, tighter shape with no pain or downtime. The CD iLipo system uses low level lasers to target and shrink fat cells. Results are usually visible within the first hour after a session, making CD iLipo the perfect solution for quick and safe body contouring.


CD Ultra is a completely noninvasive procedure that uses targeted ultrasound to deliver heat deep below the skin, destroying underlying fat cells while simultaneously tightening skin. Traditionally, only surgical procedures have been able to affect these structural layers of skin (due to their depth). The
procedure results in tighter. lifted skin for a visbily improved body contour. The advanced technology targets a precise depth of fat. protecting outer skin from harm and providing benefits like no recovery period and no downtime.


CryoSculpting is the world leader in non-invasive body contouring technologies and can help you achieve your desired body shape by eliminating stubborn fat. This non-invasive service effectively freezes fat to destroy fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated from the body. Computer-controlled cooling technology provides a painless and precise treatment for difficult to address areas like love handles, upper arms, abdomen, back and buttocks.