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Journey of Pachouli Wellness Clinic

Pachouli Spa and Wellness Pvt Ltd (PSW) is a renowned brand name in the health and wellness sector in India. It is #1 name in Slimming & Skin and hair wellness across Northern India.

It’s journey started in the heart of Delhi in 2010, with a sole objective to make people look beautiful.

The Company is successfully running 8 state-of-the-art clinics and institutes in all the major areas in Delhi & NCR and Pachouli Specialized in Slimming, Pachouli’s Cosmetology, Pachouli’s hair transplant, Pachouli’s laser treatments, Pachouli’s Health, Ayurveda treatment and Wellness Products.

Wellness Market in INDIA

A: The overall market for clinical trichology or diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of hair and scalp, in India is estimated at about INR 50,000 mn.

B: The market has been growing 15-20% year-on-year over the past five years, according to industry estimates.

C: India has witnessed a significant boom in the hair wellness industry in recent times, leading to a proliferation of slimming, skin, laser, & hair restoration centers.

D: The industry is highly fragmented and consists of a large number of independent doctor practitioners.

Franchisee Owned Company Operated ( FOCO ) 

  • The franchisee owns the business but all activities are handled by the company thus there will be no uncertainties or pressure to retain customers on franchisees.
  • Profit-sharing is followed and the investor gets a percentage of the profits.
  • Quality will be maintained by the company.
  • Well-maintained basic infrastructure as per company standards.
  • Standard procedures are managed by the company.

Business model available for limited cities and good location only!

Investment: 35 to 75 Lacs

Tenure: 5 Years

More than 200% ROI

Minimum Floating Guarantee (MG)

Safe Investment

Regular Income

Do Investment & Enjoy the Return

Franchise Owned Franchise Operated (FOFO)

Expansion Format

Wellness Clinic (FOFO)

Wellness Clinic (FOFO)

Area Required

800-1000 Sqft Approx

1000-2000 Sqft Approx

Total Investment 

Rs 35-40 Lakh (Approx)

Rs 40-75 Lakh (Approx)

Opportunity Fees

Rs 5 Lakh+GST 

Rs 10 Lakh+GST 

Agreement Period

 5 Years

 5 Years

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