Hairline Correction

A person with a large forehead feels distracted as all the attention gets diverted from one’s facial features affecting self-consciousness, and self-esteem. Hairline correction is also known as hairline lowering which addresses a large forehead and high hairline. It is a relatively safe and easy surgery that helps reduce the vertical width of the forehead.

Benefits of hairline correction procedure

The hairline correction procedures are done to alter the facial features to improve the overall forehead balance and appearance. It also has some other benefits which involve-

Immediate results- it is a short procedure and has a fast recovery time which gives immediate results from the procedure. If the individual undergoes a hair transplant, the same results can take up to 2 years. This procedure can be done alongside the brow lift which softens the forehead wrinkles.

Overall appearance- hair correction surgery improves the overall facial appearance of the enlarged forehead. It also helps restore balance which enhances the facial appearance.

Hidden scars- the hairline correction treatment procedure can leave a scar but is majorly behind the hairline. In most cases, the hairs grow in front of and around the surgery scar which makes it undetected when hairs are wet.

An outpatient procedure- unlike any other cosmetic procedure, the recovery time of the hairline correction is comparatively short. This is major because this is done as an outpatient procedure where the patient may or may not stay overnight at the hospital for examining the recovery from the procedure. The time to start with the normal daily activities varies from person to person and the patient can start working after 2 days of the surgery or can be recommended to rest up for at least one week.

Types of hairline correction procedures

The two types of hairline correction procedures include-

Surgical hairline advancement is a surgical procedure that is done on the forehead in which a section of skin near the hairline is removed. After the removal, the remaining areas are stitched together resulting in a low hairline.

Grafting hair is an alternative procedure for correcting a large forehead. It involves grafting hair in the front part of the hairline to increase the layers of hair on top of the natural hairline. This treatment procedure is non-surgical and the number of layers of grafting hairs depends on the patient’s needs.

Possible risks and complications of hairline correction procedure

Every surgical procedure involves some risks, complications, and side effects. Some of the risks associated with hairline correction include-

  • Negative effects of anesthesia
  • Severe bleeding during and after the procedure
  • Infection at the surgical site
  • Paresthesia at the surgical site
  • Nerve damage at the treatment site
  • Scarring after the incision wound heals
  • Hair loss in the area where the hairline is cut during the procedure

Hairline correction is a cosmetic technique that surgeons use to reduce the forehead length. It is a short-term procedure and the patient can go back home after a few hours of the surgery. The complete surgery recovery takes two to three weeks, depending on your age, general health, and the intensity of the procedure. Patients may experience swelling in the scalp or around the eyes along with bruising around the eyes that will diminish in a few weeks after the procedure. Sutures are removed after a week of the surgery.

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