Hair texturization

Texturization of hair helps to soften the hair without straightening the hair and solves most of the curly hair's problems. A texturizer is a chemical-based procedure to relax the texture of curly and frizzy hairs. It smoothens the hair to give a smooth texture. It is a mild version of a relaxer by loosening the natural curls to improve the texture. It is a permanent procedure until you yourself chop your hair stands.

Benefits of the texturized hair

There are various benefits of getting hair texturization which include-

  • Add volume to your hair
  • Reduces flyways, frizz, and unruly hair
  • Imparts shine to your look
  • Growing of texturized hair is faster than relaxed hairs
  • Make it easy to comb and detangle your hairs

How does the texturizer work?

Texturizers work by breaking keratin bonds in hair strands which causes the curl's pattern to loosen. Keratin gives your hair its shape, elasticity, and curl pattern which weakens the keratin bonds. Texturizers are harsh chemicals that weaken the hair which leads to dryness, thinning, and breakage.

Different techniques of hair texturization

The different techniques of hair texturization include-

Point cutting- it focuses on bulk and creates a continuous layering of your hair. It is done for both men and women and provides good movement. Depending on the texture of the hairs, it can be done for both dry and wet hairs.

Internal cutting- this technique produces shortened and small chunks of hairs. It is done by two techniques that are clipping method and the weaving method.

Twist cutting- if you wish to have bangs, then cutting your hair at an angle will serve the purpose and is known as twist cutting.

Smooth cutting- it is done usually for straight hairs and refers to the method of thinning hairs.

Slithering- this technique is used for thicker hairs.

Using a texturizer- in this technique, a chemical substance is used and it is a permanent chemical process for straightening the hairs. The texturizers are left on the hair for about 10 minutes as it reduces excess fizziness. The active ingredient of the texturizers is sodium or guanidine hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate.

Can your hair get damaged by texturizers?

Texturizers don’t loosen the curls as relaxers do but they contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals break the bonds in your hair and weaken the hair strands. When the hair strands get weak the hair gets damaged. Curly, coiled, and kinky hairs are more fragile than straighter hairstyles so they get easily damaged. The texturizers leave you with beautiful and manageable curly hair, but they also weaken the hair to great damage. To control the damage, avoid washing your hair, protect your hair at night, use hot tools, deep condition your hair weekly, and use straightening treatments like protein treatments and bond repairers.

Pros and cons of hair texturizers

Pros of getting texturization of hairs done include-

  • Offers a smooth, silky and better texture within a short period.
  • Less expensive and easy to perform
  • The permanent effect even at home
  • Doesn't stop your hair growth
  • Makes hair look longer

Cons of getting texturization of hairs done include-

  • The end result of hair texturization varies from person to person so you might not get the expected results.
  • Texturizers contain harsh chemicals which lead to dryness and scalp irritation

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