When skin gets stretched by sudden growth, it can disrupt the production of collagen. This can result in scars that are known as stretch marks. Although when stretch marks initially appear their color matches that of a bruise, they tend to fade to a color that is lighter than the skin.

Many factors contribute to stretch marks, such as rapid weight gain or loss and even puberty. There are various treatments that can help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and the severity of the marks determines the treatment best suited to you. With our comprehensive range of technologically advanced lasers, chemical peels and potent formulations using vitamins and minerals, our solutions effectively address and lighten stretch marks. Pachouli Wellness Clinic offers personalized, hassle-free and effective treatments that rejuvenate the skin and sculpt the body.

At Pachouli Wellness Clinic our mission is to empower men and woman alike, to more actively maintain or enhance their appearance, especially as they get older.