An Udwarthanam massage is indeed one therapeutic deep tissue massage that uses upward strokes to apply rubbing oil and herbal powder. This intensity of a massage produces heat, which causes the extra body fat to dissolve. Our Udwarthanam Ayurvedic massage, therefore, is much sought after by people who want to lose weight. Additionally, it can be quite effective in raising the body's immunity and lymphatic flow.

The Udwarthanam treatment was practiced every day, following the traditional Ayurvedic treatises. For optimum results, the massage may occasionally be combined with Shirodhara as well as Takradhara treatments.

Composition of Udwarthanam Massage

Lepam, another name for such herbal paste used during Udwarthanam therapy, is made with milk, medicinal-grade plant oils, beans, dehydrated medicinal powders (Choornams), etc. In the mixture, common herbs including deodar, senna, horse gram, cestus, gooseberry, mustard, Billerica, myrobalan, as well as Phyllanthus may be utilized.

The purpose of treatment and the patient's physical constitution is taken into consideration when choosing the Ayurvedic herbs for the Udwarthanam. For example, Triphala, a blend of Emblica Officinalis (Amalaki), Terminalia bellirica (Bibhitaki), as well as Terminalia Chebula, is advised if the goal is weight loss and the person has a dominant Kapha constitution (Haritaki). The opposite is true for Pitta-dominant people who want to reduce weight; they should choose components including Cyperus Rotundus or Nutgrass, Barley as well as Yava Churna, Indian Valerian as well as Tagara, Mandukaparni and Gotu Kola, Amalaki, Haritaki, etc.

Triphala, Kottamchukkadi Thailam, Lavana Oils, Dhanwantharam Thailam, and Karpasasthyadi Thailam are just a few of the oils that may be utilized for weight loss. Sandalwood, Kumkumadi, and Chandanadi oils are used in massages to promote beautiful, glowing skin.

Procedure for Udwarthanam massage

Before application, a herbal paste, as well as powder utilized in Udwarthanam therapy, is warmed. The massage is typically given by two professionals who make sure to move their hands in the opposite direction from the direction in which the hair follicles grow. During the massage, the patient must hold seven positions, and when the treatment is over, it is recommended that they take a warm water bath and then relax for around 30 minutes.

The technique is broken out step by step in the paragraphs below.

Step 1: The first step involves the Ayurvedic practitioner applying a herbal Udwarthanam paste to the patient's body. Before the procedure, your therapist or practitioner must be advised of any skin conditions. Herbs are typically blended using sesame as well as olive oil if the person has sensitive skin.

Step 2: After applying this herbal powder and paste to the body, you can leave it alone for a little while.

Step 3: Several procedures are used as part of the Udwarthanam treatment to dissolve the body's layers of fat. For the discharge of toxins from the body, the masseuse presses on various places during the massage.

Step 4: The bath is now ready with lukewarm water. The duration of the process is between 45 and 1.5 hours.

The therapy we offer is genuine and quite successful at getting rid of extra body fat. Anyone can afford the therapy in Udwarthanam because the cost is so affordable. To help you stay healthy and avoid any illnesses or disorders, we work hard to provide the greatest natural therapies and premium services.

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