Who Are We

Pachouli Wellness Services 

Purity in treatments is what we seek,

Ascending wellness is what you derive,

Creating a paradise of ambiance unique,

Harmony and divinity enable us to thrive.

Often regarded as “the third place”,

Uniting your body with a mindful soul,

Leading the way for the world to embrace,

Invigorating our guests is our ultimate goal…


The creation

An experience of more than two decades laid the creation of a divine space, where the body and the soul are rejuvenated by efforts with a singular notion- Wellness. And this philosophy has been personally nurtured in all her engagements with guests and employees, by our Founder, ace nutritionist, and Cosmetologist, Ms. Preeti Seth. Established in 2010, Pachouli Wellness Clinic prioritizes its guests and has been offering them services extraordinaire. Our inherent objective is to achieve a 360-degree lifestyle modification for our guests, striking the perfect balance of the outer and the inner self!

Pachouli Wellness Clinic Office 

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to deliver what we promise to our guests and make their visit to Pachouli, an uplifting experience. Our constant endeavor is to ensure that you derive optimum energy from our treatments and embrace the fine sync of your body and soul.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the most preferred brand for wellness, in the country and across the globe. We want to be the top choice for people and we wish to generate that trust by standing true to authenticity, and by serving guests with genuine intent.

Pachouli Wellness Clinic Office 

What We Offer

Our motive of deriving at the wellness of our guests and everyone who is associated with us, is driven by the aspect of purity. We do understand that every guest seeks something different. Thus, we do not offer the most coveted of services to you, instead, we offer what your body and soul seek. If our guests are able to establish a connection with our products, our specialists, and most importantly with our treatments, then we believe our job is pretty much done here!

Pachouli Wellness Clinic Office

Pachouli’s exquisite range of services includes therapies, treatments, and packages specializing in Slimming, Skin, Hair, Laser, and Ayurveda services. We take pride in successfully combining the ancient best practices of wellness with the Advanced technologies of today. Our investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure sets the premise for our therapeutic paradise!

As the first brand with authentic Ayurvedic and oriental medicine spa and the latest technology in the industry, Pachouli now has 7 Clinics in the Delhi NCR.

Pachouli Wellness Clinic Office

What sets Pachouli apart?

Uncompromising loyalty towards guests and employees

Value for money

Complete guest delight

The best of ancient with the best of modern

Personalized services; tailor-made for every guest